Cast study 1

Development of reverse cold sterilisation system for beer (Osmatic system)

A problem was identified by myself at Warmwell haven holiday park where once a week a line clean was carried out. This resulted in losses in excess of £25,000 per year for that 1 park. Upon further analysis the Haven holiday company lost in excess of 45 million per year in beer losses. When extrapolated across the entire UK’s on-licence industry many hundreds of millions of pounds of product where flushed down the drain per annum.

The solution was to develop a system that positively pressurized the tap end of the line thus forcing the product back down the line into the keg via a cold sterilisation filter. The filter ensured all the impurities where removed, and that the beer went back into the keg cleaner than when it left a few minutes prior. The system was also expanded to include real time volumetric data, an automatic keg changing system, an automatic fob detection and arrest system as well as cold night storage systems. The product was patented and successfully used in many installations