Case Study 2

Development of the world’s fastest beer dispense system

Due to the success of the Osmatic system and my ability to understand and develop systems to handle highly volatile carbonated fluids, the brewer, Scottish courage, requested that I develop a pint tap capable of pouring a pint in less than 7 seconds (the current average time is 17 seconds) The tap also had to have a ‘hit’ tap which provides the head, a slow pour system for those users who are not comfortable using the high speed system and it had to be ‘plug and play’ without additional infrastructure.

The solution was a combined tap with 5 nozzles and accumulator. The central nozzle handled the slow pour and hit tap and the 4 outer nozzles turned on to increase the speed of pour. All of this was actuated through the standard fosters beer font handle. Volume of fluid was increased by using a hydraulic accumulator like system with a nitrogen charged piston and scraper rings. The setup in the cellar used a standard keg and pump system and normal 3/8th lines used to deliver the product to the bar. The tap clocked in a pint pouring time of 2 seconds and was capable of maintaining this for 6 pints with a 35 second refill gap required prior to performing the next pour. The product was successfully patented and the licence sold