I rebuilt my first engine at 13, I had my first company at 15, I built a 2.5 ton electro-hydraulic crane for my GCSE project. Rebuilt a Merlin Rolls Royce spitfire engine at 16, built a 5 axis electro-pneumatically controlled robot arm at 17 and had my first patent by the time I was 21.

I have been involved and still am involved in a huge variety of projects. Most from concept, some from mid concept. My projects to date include:

The worlds fastest pint dispense system. (Patent Granted)

Real time measurement and logging of liquid on-licence products. (Multiple Patents granted)

Alcohol savings system that saves on average £25,000 per year per pub that uses it. (Multiple Patents granted)

A vial sealing robot that injects poisonous and/or explosive gases into a glass vial then hermetically seals them. (One of a kind in the world, saves the customer £500,000 per annum)

Dental product development, Inlcuding a unique dental tape and a unique nozzle for undamaged impression removal

Videscape.com, a platform designed to allow content creators to earn a real living from their media as opposed to fractions of a cent from Youtube and various other streaming site. This site has grown from 10 users a day to 3,000 users a day in less than 9 months.

ClickASnap.com the worlds first photo hosting site that pays users per view

My expertise lies in problem solving, monetisation of platforms/products (particularly online display advertising implementation), team building, connecting people and getting results within extremely tight budgets and tight time frames, especially for startups. I have a very broad understanding of most topics and am always working to expand this knowledge base to further assist my own and others projects.

I have a wide range of hobbies and take up new ones every year, generally as challenges for myself. Last year it was astrophotography and shooting, this year it’s currently sport photography and high speed camera use as well as some horse riding.